Letty’s Liners was then created in 2017 with the intention of helping pets, owners and our environment with our disposable pet bed liners.

Letty’s Liners are handmade with great care in the USA and are patent pending. The material is soft, eco-friendly, and disposable. Our pet bed liners are a perfect solution to incontinence in pets who are later on in their years, as well as for puppies being potty trained. No more washing headaches, eliminates pest like fleas, larva, bed bugs, mites and also eliminates horrible orders. Each pet bed liner is waterproof.

Letty’s Liners will save you time, money, conserve water and enable you to keep a clean, healthy and happy home. Patent Pending.

The Inspiration behind Letty’s Liners

Letty's Liners Pet Bed Cover

Letty, an 8 year old female Golden Retriever, rescued Karen Murphy one year ago, but it feels like they’ve been together forever! Letty rescued Karen from walk/runless days, games and a kindred loving spirit. She was 90 pounds when Letty came to Karen and is now 75 healthy pounds!!

Stay tuned for “Letty & Miss Myla’s Summer Adventures 2018″…coming soon!!!

Letty's Liners Letty